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Snowshoe hiking

No one knows when the first snowshoes came into existence. But in the end, do we actually need to know? What really matters is that we have these special shoes that distribute our weight evenly over a larger surface. The result is astonishing. They keep our feet from sinking deep into the snow. A simple concept. But it works.

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Schneeschuh by David Birri © Jungfrau Region Tourismus

The perfect début.

These shoes don’t make it easy to put one foot in front of the other. It takes a bit of practice, especially going downhill. But the mishaps in the snow are always good for a laugh. And don't worry – in the Jungfrau Region we have exactly the right trails for your first snowshoe adventure.

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Schneeschuh by David Birri © Jungfrau Region Tourismus

Guided snowshoe tours.

We don't have to trudge through the snow on our own. Our local guides would be happy to take us on a tour.

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Schneeschuh by David Birri © Jungfrau Region Tourismus

We can get the equipment almost everywhere.

Anything we don’t have can be rented or bought in select shops in the Jungfrau Region.

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