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Aare gorge

1.4 kilometers long, 200 meters deep

Aareschlucht AG

CH-3860 Meiringen
+41 33 971 40 48

A mystical experience!

Over thousands of years the Aare river has carved its way between the villages of Meiringen und Innertkirchen, forming a 1,4 km long and 200 m deep gorge.

Take a walk through the Aare Gorge and you will feel the force of nature like nowhere else! Below you, the ice-cold glacier water of the Aare river forces its way relentlessly through the narrow gorge. Above you the sheer cliff faces rise up into the sky.

Opening times

8.30 am - 5.30 pm 
8.30 am - 6.30 pm (July and August)


July and August
until 10.00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
from 6.30 pm only the west entrance is open

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Jungfrau Stories: 

The tatzelwurm found an idyllic place for its portrait. A place where the «young river Aare» rushes through grottos, hollows and down steep rockfaces. The Aare Gorge.

Aareschlucht AG

CH-3860 Meiringen
+41 33 971 40 48

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