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Seilbrücke als Teil der Strecke
An einem Strang ziehen beim Teamevent
Sieht schon recht stabil aus: Teamevent Seilbrückenbau

Learn the ropes – build a rope bridge

The focus here is cooperation, logical thinking and time management.

Which team finished its bridge first? Does it meet safety standards and was it completed on schedule? Who has the most play money left over at the end?

Everyone on the team is challenged! Good way to establish links with cost planning and safety audits. We simulate the everyday life of a project. 

Time required
3-4 hours

No knowledge needed - everyone on the team can join in and put their skills to use.

From CHF 80.00/pers. (depending on group size)

In the magnificent Haslital near Gadmen on the Susten Pass road there are plenty of great places to build a bridge, followed by a fine aperitif or a meal in the Alpine Center Sustenpass.

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