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Ballenberg – Swiss Open-Air Museum

A museum packed with life! Discover Switzerland in a day on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. At the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum there are over 100 original, centuries-old Swiss houses and farms to see. Travel back hundreds of years in time and experience how people lived and worked in earlier days.


  • Over 100 Swiss houses and farms to see and touch
  • More than 250 farm animals that you can pet and – in some cases – feed
  • A petting zoo where you can get really close to the animals
  • More than 8 crafts can be seen and tried every day
  • Various children's games and a children's playground for youngsters to run around and have fun
  • A roundabout for younger and older children
  • Hands-On House for young and old
  • Various barbecue and picnic areas for recharging the batteries
  • Three restaurants with a tempting range of dishes
  • Ballenberg Shop with specialties from Ballenberg
  • Flower, vegetable and herb gardens for relaxation
  • 14 attractive events spread over the entire year

Ballenberg – the perfect destination

The cow: 1000 Things and A Pile of Manure

In 2018, the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum dedicates its new special exhibition to the best-known Swiss livestock animal: the cow. Countless objects from the museum’s collection provide an insight into the relationship between the Swiss and their unofficial national animal. This much is revealed: it is a multifaceted, deeply rooted and sometimes a really complicated relationship.


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