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Alpbach gorge cliff trail

The Alpbach Gorge in the Hasli Valley is an unforgettable experience for surefooted mountain hikers. The hiking tour starts in Meiringen at the valley station of the Meiringen-Hasliberg cable cars.

From here one follows the hiking trail leading to Schrändli-Reuti for approx. 10 bis 15 minutes to the entrance of the gorge (signposted). The gorge can only be walked in an upward direction. The hike takes about 30 minutes. The exit of the gorge is near Haselholz, from where the trail leads back to Meiringen or Reuti via the usual hiking trail, approx. 30 min. In winter and in rainy weather the gorge should not be walked.

Gorge Challenge! The Alpbach gorge is not a place for weaklings! The breathtaking climb along cliff walls and above the splashing river between Meiringen and Hasliberg is really something - parts of the climb have fixed ropes (without railings). To walk through the gorge you should be sure-footed and not scared of heights. It is also recommended to take climbing equipment along. Adrenalin kick guaranteed!

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