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First ascent of the Mittellegi Ridge in 1921

The Mittellegi Ridge was climbed for the first time in 1921.

Historical classification

Although the north-east ridge of the Eiger was first climbed on the descent as early as 1885, several alpinists, some of them well-known, failed on the ascent until 1921.

The Mittellegi Ridge was by far the last known ridge in the Swiss Alps, which was climbed for the first time. This is astonishing, since the Mittellegi Ridge was within reach of the Jungfrau Railway's Eismeer station, which opened in 1905.

Programme highlights on the occasion of the anniversary

  • From July to September, various lights are installed on the Mittellegigrat to mark the key points of the ascent. 
  • From mid-August you can visit a special exhibition on the subject in the Grindelwald Museum.

Lights on the Mittellegi Ridge

From July to September, six lights are placed at key points on the Mittellegigrat. Here you will find the exact description of each light. 

To the light description


Many thanks to all our partners and sponsors who support us so generously. Without your help it would not be possible to celebrate the anniversary in this way. 

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The middle legi tour

The ascent begins

View of the Mittellegi Hut from belowe

The Mittellegi Hut

The Eiger summit

The ascent

The Mittellegigrat

The view from above

Eiger via Mittellegigrat 3970 m

The Mittellegi Ridge is still a popular target for alpinists today. The famous Eiger north face and the narrow ridge make the tour a great classic. The pictures show sections of the adventure. Book your mountain guide via grindelwaldSPORTS.

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