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Reichenbach Waterfall

A plaque at the funicular station commemorates Sherlock Holmes and reminds one that Conan Doyle was so impressed by the beauty of these waterfalls that he choose them as the scene for the epic fight between Holmes and Moriarty, when they both fell to their deaths.

The thundering waters of the Reichenbach Waterfall showed the way for the engineers as they lay the tracks for the funicular in 1899. The ride up in the nostalic wooden wagon, which is an exact replica of the original wagon, will take you up to the base of this impressive 120m high waterfall. Wonderful views of the waterfall and the Hasli valley await you from the viewing platform. From here you can also see the place where Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy Moriarty did battle which ended with both falling to their deaths.

The funicular brings visitors up to the platform where the last duell took place – which is also the starting point for unique hikes into the Rosenlaui Valley.

You can reach the station of the Reichenbach funicular by postbus (5 min. from the bus stop Willigen, Dorf) or by the Meiringen-Innertkirchen train MIB (5 min. from the stop Alpbach). If you arrive by car there are parkings next to the station.